When it comes to creating a home cinema systemthe picture quality is paramount. That means if you have one of the best projectors you'll need to spend some time making sure the picture is the best it can be — though you'll be glad to hear that it doesn't actually need to take up too much of your time.

Calibrating contrast, brightness, colour and sharpness is not most people's idea of a good night in — visit any picture menu during a movie and you're bound to get a barrage of groans — but if you've got a home cinema projector, getting the right settings to suit your home, and your personal tastes, is hugely rewarding.

Wondering how you can do that? Here's how to quickly set up a projector for the ultimate picture performance — whether you're streaming over Disney Plus or watching on your Ultra HD Blu-ray player. It's important to change the picture parameters for each source of video a film will need a different look to broadcast TV, or hi-def sports.

If you're lucky, your projector will have some calibration test patterns built-in, or perhaps a set-up wizard. What it definitely will have is some preset pictures modes such as 'movie', 'cinema', 'sports', 'game', 'vivid' and 'user'. While it's the latter you'll be tuning-up and saving to, the others can be used as a base. These industry standards are focused on giving you 'what the director intended', and though they don't account for your personal preferences or your viewing scenario, they serve as a useful comparison.

How to Troubleshoot an RCA Projection TV

This is a balancing act since black on a projector is merely a lack of light, and brightness the opposite. You should study and tweak the image in whatever ambient light is likely to be most normal; if you intend to use your projector during the day, leave the curtains open. However, if you can close curtains or blinds — even just a bit — to rid the room of as much ambient light as possible, do so.

This will massively improve both black levels and brightness if your projector screen is reflecting ambient light, there's not too much any projector can do about it. If you are calibrating for a film, set the projector to the 'cinema' or 'movie' mode, then find a sequence with plenty of black in it such as the space backdrop of Gravity, or a film with suits such as Men In Black.

Push the brightness dial in the picture settings menu up and down until the overall image is bright enough, and the black areas of the image are convincing. You're looking for black that looks black, but with enough detail within, like bright stars in space or creases and texture on a suit. If the black looks like a uniform block, you've pulled the brightness down too far. Next, move onto the contrast slider and do the same for white areas of an image.

You're looking for bright, pure white while retaining as much detail as possible. You'll probably have undone your good work with brightness, so go back and repeat these tweaks until you're in balance.


Tweaking for colour and tint is best done by prioritising skin tones; it shouldn't be hard to find a sequence that features close-ups of several regular-looking humans avoid alien life-forms or over-baked celebrities. Simply push the colour slider until they look completely normal. This is subjective, but don't be tempted to over-saturate; there will be a perfectly natural point somewhere between pale and ill-looking, and downright orange. Warm, rosy colours have an instant appeal, but this can grate after a while, so go slightly paler than your eyes initially prefer.

Push sharpness too high and you'll see 'jaggies', poorly defined lines that appear stepped. Easily seen in skyscrapers and other buildings with clean lines, this is often a consequence of upscaling or lack of. Push the sharpness down a few notches and jaggies will become less obvious. In order to overcome some of the limitations of projection technology, engineers have come up with various algorithms and workarounds.

rca projector white screen

However, the most common — and the most controversial — on reasonably high-end projectors is frame interpolation, which seeks to rid video of judder and motion blur.A blinking projector screen is, at best, a minor annoyance, and, more often than not, a complete distraction that makes it hard for viewers to focus on the content of your presentation. The flickering and blinking, if not fixed, could progress into a complete lack of video, which could be detrimental if it happens during an important meeting and it will convey a sense of unprofessionalism.

However, a projected screen that blinks and flickers can often be fixed within minutes using basic troubleshooting techniques. Determine if the blinking screen is part of the projector's normal function by observing when it happens and if it stops after a short period of time. If, for example, the screen blinks a few times after the mode has been changed and then the blinking stops, this could be normal for your projector.

Consult with your projector's manual if you are uncertain. Check the video connections on both the projector and the device to which it is connected, such as a laptop or tablet. If the video cable is loose, the screen may flicker and blink due to an incomplete connection, which causes a broken video feed.

Press each end of the video cable firmly into their respective ports to ensure that the connections are solid. Connect a new video cable to the projector if the problem continues; the current video cable may be damaged with a broken wire or missing pin.

If the problem stops after testing a new video cable, discard the old cable. Connect the projector to a different input device, such as a different computer. The graphics card in the device to which the projector is currently connected may be faulty or insufficient for properly displaying the video feed. Gemma Craig began writing inexpanding to various websites in She writes about interior decorating and design, travel, film, literature, technology and consumer electronics.

Share on Facebook. Step 1 Determine if the blinking screen is part of the projector's normal function by observing when it happens and if it stops after a short period of time. Step 2 Check the video connections on both the projector and the device to which it is connected, such as a laptop or tablet. Step 3 Connect a new video cable to the projector if the problem continues; the current video cable may be damaged with a broken wire or missing pin. Step 4 Connect the projector to a different input device, such as a different computer.

The [Updated] Walmart Projector? RCA RPJ116-B-Plus Projector Review

Photo Credits. About the Author.Sign out. They're also pretty neat when the boss is travelling and the whole office just sits around watching movies in glorious 4K. Projectors started out as a way to watch movies and slide shows outside of a theatre.

These days, they're a way you can watch awesome movies and slide shows outside of the theater. Most homes today have at least one television setand home theatres operate in a roughly similar way.

Projectors & Projector Screens

To work, the projection unit throws a brightly lit video feed onto a relatively simple white screen and trues up the image to ensure proper alignment and aspect ratio. Failing that, sometimes you might be travelling to make a business presentation that has a video or image component, and you need something portable to put on a good show, after which you can chill out and watch a kickboxing movie in 4K. It can be a challenge to get different technologies to talk to each other when you're on the road.

Be sure to carry at least one spare cable, in case there are none where you're going. One of the best things about high-quality modern projectors is their versatility. Walmart Canada has several outdoor video projectors, as well as many of the accessories you need to make the most of them, available to browse through online.

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rca projector white screen

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The unit has been fully tested and is completely functional. Included in the Box:. This RCA projector has a sleek design to fit into tight spaces and is easy to transport from room to room. Enjoy a big screen cinematic experience in your backyard or at the campsite with the RCA outdoor theater screen. It sets up easily and includes stakes for stabilization.

Huge " home projection screen. Heavy-duty frame construction and screen works in all weather conditions. Super white 1. Viewing screen size: Overall size: 55" high x Fully tensioned screen ensures a smooth projection surface.


Black masking material enhances picture contrast. Includes Carrying case and stakes to secure the screen for outdoor viewing. Monday - Friday shipping only, exceptions to major Holidays. Due to the nature of clearance parts, returns for credit or replacement will be limited to defective product upon customer receipt. Returns must be received by us within days of the original invoice date. Refunds will not be authorized after days.

Due to limited stock, replacements for clearance products may not be available immediately and we may replace the defective item for you with an item of equal functionality. We are not liable for shipments made to us without RMA numbers.

Postal Service with good packaging original packing preferred and full insurance paid. The RMA number that was issued to you should be clearly written on the top of the box and not covered by any labels.

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Disclaimer We Guarantee that product is within manufacturing specifications, for warranty information and item condition please see item description. We are not responsible for typographical errors or change in manufacturing specifications. Hyper Microsystems hypermicrosystems Item Condition: Mfr. Refurbished Warranty: 90 Days. Specification Model RPJBuilt-in newest Android 6. Surf the Internet, play online video games without freezing and buffering. HD Large Projection, native resolutionimage size from 50 to inch Distance 2m-6m and HIFI level stereo speaker built-in RCA interface allows for external speaker connectivityenjoy this visual feast, no need to go a cinema.

Fits ceiling mount projection, so easy to build a private home theater.

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Delivers stunning, razor-sharp images and true-to-life colors. Native Resolution x Super bright Lumens Color Brightness and Lumens White Brightness deliver vivid colors, whiter whites, and blacker blacks. The ANSI lumen rating measures the brightest white that a projector can produce by averaging nine light meter measurements taken across the projected image.

Find a Projector Login. Classroom Interactive Portable. Find a projector based on your desired features and specs. Throw Calculator. Jump to Product Downloads User Manual. Status Discontinued Jun Compare to the Competition Lamp Life Popularity. Similar Projectors. View Projector. All Similar Projectors. Subscribe to Updates.In stock at Union City, Dyer St. Whether you want to set the projector screen up and use it indoors for a ultimate family movie night experienceor if you want to set it up outdoors for a family gathering you will not be disappointed!

The RCA " projector screen is a must have if you own a projector! It comes with a carrying bag to make it easy to take it along on a trip or to safely store away when you're not using it!

The picture quality on the screen is outstanding! Very close to having your own movie theater at homeor on the go! Great Still trying to find where I can set it up along with the other piece that is needed but it is actually amazing definitely highly recommended high quality all around amazing Definitely great for a great movie night.

This projector screen is awesome! It is portable, has a nice carrying case and easy to put together. Its easiest with 2 people, but is possible with one person. Projector is NOT included, but any projector will work. Putting it together was a bit of a struggle, but understandable, given the size. The total size of the actual screen is about 90 inches long x 53 inches tall. There are 6 pieces of metal tubes, 2 flat bases and several connectors that need to be in place.

The hardest part is to place the screen around these. I needed a second person to help me, as the tubes are thin which is needed to keep them lightweightand after struggling a bit, we were able to set it up. There is also stakes for the ground when it is setup outside.

I tried the projector in the daytime, but the screen is very light almost transparent, picture attached in the daytime, so I had to wait until full night to try it. I am attaching a picture of it with a video playing. Disregard the image being blurry, that was just me adjusting my projector.

It works for the intended purpose, although due to the transparency, it needs to be dark. Just remember that. Kids are excited though, to the prospect of playing movies outside, and my son is eyeing it to play his video games outside. I am waiting for warmer days, to start our movie nights. This is going to be fun for the family.Here at Walmart.

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rca projector white screen

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