It features an extended life coolant technology that's compatible for use in all automobiles, light-duty trucks and motorcycles, regardless of make, model, year or original antifreeze color. This PEAK original antifreeze is a pre-diluted antifreeze that doesn't require any water to be added before it's used.

Its inhibitors provide maximum cooling system protection against damaging rust and corrosion. Its formula doesn't contain any phosphate or silicate. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Contains ethylene glycol. Read other cautionary information on back panel. Do not drink antifreeze or solution. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting.

PEAK Long Life 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze and Coolant, 1 Gallon

Immediately contact a Poison Control Center or hospital emergency department. Avoid inhaling mist or hot vapors. If inhaled, remove to fresh air. Ethylene glycol causes birth defects in laboratory animals. Do not let stand or store in open or unlabeled containers.

Do not reuse container. Wash thoroughly after handling. Solution can be poisonous to animals.

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Keep out of reach of children. Instructions: Caution: Do not remove radiator cap when engine is hot. Always follow vehicle's owner's manual for top-off requirements, change intervals and specified maintenance.

Do not add water. Remove radiator cap when engine is cool. Check fluid level periodically.Not many know the importance of the different colors that are available today. If an engine is used without coolant antifreezeit can suffer extended damage especially during winter. Also in wintertime, water solidifies freezes and expands in volume which can crack your engine block, radiator and heater cores.


It lowers the freeze point of the coolant to protect it from freezing, even in the worst winter conditions. Coolant in the summer time works as an anti-boil and protects the system components from corrosion, which is a big deal especially with aluminum components.

Has the role of helping the engine to cool in the summer time it keeps the engine from boiling over. Also protects the engine from freezing during winter.

Theoretically it should be good for an indefinite period.

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One should not forget to change their coolant because in the winter time, the engine can suffer irremediable damage. Another option is just to simply ask the mechanic to test your coolant efficiency before winter settles in. Coolant Antifreeze can be found in more than 1 color. We will break it down for you to better understand why this liquid comes in a multitude of colors. Colors include blue, yellow, green, red, pink, turquoise, orange and purple.

Commonly used in the cars produced in USA between and This contains silicates and phosphate corrosion inhibitors to protect metal parts such as the radiator and engine. Usually found in a bright green color, it is recommended to be flushed out of the cooling system every 30, miles or every 2 years. Present in newer cars all over the world, OAT coolant color ranges from orange, bright red, red, blue and dark green.

This does not contain silicates or phosphates, however it contains corrosion inhibitors that enables it to last for a much longer period of time. Special additives are used to prevent rust and corrosion, however metal parts could support some wear in time. It is recommended to be flushed out of the cooling system everymiles or every 10 years.

peak blue antifreeze

Typically used in newer cars. While usable in older model cars also, it is best to check the owners manual to make sure that OAT coolants would be safe and effectively used. This contains added silicates that increase aluminium protection and prevents corrosion.Have you ever wondered how pink, orange, blue and green engine coolants differ from each other? You might be wondering which you should use if you need to top up? Vehicle fluids vary in colour from bright pink to reddish-brown, so if you ever need help identifying which is which, take a look at our car fluid finder chart.

Prestone is yellow, but many other coolant manufacturers use different colours. Similarly, if you buy a second-hand car, the colour of the coolant gives you no idea as to when it needs to be changed. You can see from the service record that it has had a coolant service within the last two years. But is it aftermarket or OEM spec? Will it last for two years or longer?

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If you use the product at the change interval, you get complete peace of mind, as the coolant will offer protection for 10 years ormiles, which is likely to be the life of the car. For more information or to browse our full product range, visit the homepage today.

We push ourselves constantly at Prestone — researching, developing and testing relentlessly to make sure our products are the best.

The Different Colors of Coolant

So how does this. Do you need to top your car up with coolant? Or maybe your cooling system has sprung a leak? Have you ever wondered if it really can be used safely in your car, or if you can use it while your car's under warranty?

We've been asked many questions about Prestone over the years, so we've put together some of the most frequently asked questions. Guaranteed corrosion protection — Corrosion protection is one of the biggest plus points of using a product like Prestone. Zero deposits — If you use water or low-quality coolant in your car, deposits like limescale can build up and cause problems. Prestone causes zero build-up and deposits, for total efficiency and performance. How to Do a Coolant Flush.

Read more. New and improved: Why choose Prestone for your car. Your Prestone Coolant Questions Answered.One of the most crucial components of your car's engine is coolant. Keeping your car's coolant at its recommended level is important for protecting its engine and also for keeping your car running like it should.

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Improper levels can affect your car's heating and cooling system. Antifreeze protects your car, truck, SUV, or van from weather-related problems during very cold and very hot weather. When shopping for antifreeze for your vehicle, you'll need to decide which type your car requires. The main ingredient in antifreeze is ethylene glycol, although propylene glycol is used in some coolant products and offers an enhanced barrier against corrosion.

peak blue antifreeze

Propylene glycol is typically found in so-called extended-life coolant mixes. If changed regularly, a longer-lasting product can protect a vehicle for as much as 60, miles. Most antifreeze is sold full strength and must be diluted with water. In order for coolant to work properly, it must be mixed per the instructions and recommendations of your engine's manufacturer.

PEAK 10X Antifreeze \u0026 Coolant

In extremely cold conditions, however, most manufacturers recommend a mix of 60 percent coolant and 40 percent water. It is usually a good idea to check your vehicle's levels prior to the beginning of winter. This is done with a hydrometer. This simple-to-use tool works only on ethylene glycol-based coolant, a type of product that is characterized by its green color. This instrument works by measuring the freeze point and boiling point of liquids. Higher freeze points or lower boiling points than recommended by the instrument indicate a need to have the cooling system flushed and then refilled.

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Get to Know Us. Customer Service. In The Spotlight.PEAK Automotive Coolants are formulated to meet or exceed the performance requirements of every major car and truck manufacturer in order to provide maximum protection. PEAK Coolants contains inhibitors that provide maximum cooling system protection against damaging rust and corrosion. Each coolant is formulated with the same corrosion inhibitor technology that protected your vehicle straight from the factory.

These formulas will provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion to all cooling system metals, including aluminum, and are fully compatible with other extended life coolants. Color cues on the packaging and a list of covered vehicles on the front label make it easy to identify the right match for your specific vehicle.

These formulas are designed to provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion to all cooling system metals, including aluminum. The original blue bottle that started it all meets all performance standards. The patented formula protects against corrosion of all cooling system metals, including aluminum, while providing maximum freeze-up and boil-over protection.

Winterizes potable water plumbing systems other winter storage applications. This product can be used full-strength to winterize boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, vacation homes, swimming pools, and a variety of other winter storage applications.

Because of its propylene glycol formula, SIERRA Antifreeze is less toxic and therefore safer for people, pets, and wildlife than conventional antifreeze. It is a premium automotive coolant that provides excellent freeze-up and boil-over protection and outstanding corrosion protection.Loosen the reservoir cap just a little and step back a bit as the pressure releases just in case.

Then, remove the cap completely. If the coolant level is low, add the correct coolant to the reservoir not the radiator itself. You might want to use a funnel to prevent the fluid from spilling.

Instead of taking off the radiator cap, just check to see if the liquid reaches the Full line on the side of the coolant reservoir. The good news is, most cars will alert you to problems via a gauge on the dashboard.

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